Stretch related articles I use daily

1. Karen Loshbaugh: Classical Foundation Training: Art2Ride: Building Your Horses Topline

2. Leah Taylor: Clever Riding: Comfort Touch & Body Work

3. Equitopia Center: Developing Your Horse's Back

4. The Healing Power of Dressage: Dressage has the ability to heal gait abnormalities and promote soundness

5. Klaus Balkenhol and The Correct Way of Training a Horse

6. Norwegian research: Stretching the top line has several positive effects

7. Sustainable Dressage

8. Manolo Mendez Training For Wellness



stretch related articles I find very Helpful

1. The Importance of Riding in a Stretching Position

2. The Healthy-Backed Horse

3.  How Stretching the Horse Lines Up the Vertebrae

4. Walk: Queen of Gaits

4.  Lunging vs Circling

5.  Why An Active Stretch is Not Like Neck-Down

6. The Physics of Flexion in the Dressage Horse

7. Leg Movers vs Back Movers

8. Saddlefit4Life

9. Why Do We Stretch Our Horses

10. Books by Gerd Heuschmann

11.  The Troubled Horse's Brain

12.  Vulnerability: The Key to Close Relationships

13. The Significance of a Horse's Chest Sling Muscles Biomechanics research by Hilary Clayton’s-chest-sling-muscles-biomechanic-research-hilary-clayton