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Above. I love to treat Contigo with a nature walk after our sessions.  I feel like this is part of building comfort and relationship.  I love the time it gives me to just be with him and love him. He loves to keep his mouth mowing the wild grass so sometimes it's hard for me to lead him around but we both love it all nonetheless.  Chewing is such a great way for him to open and close and release his jaw and pole after a strength building session where he sometimes still gets tense there.  And his sweet spirit gets to connect with nature in these moments too which I adore. I can see that he's feeling very heard and seen by me. Years ago for a decade, he never looked this way. He's opening up and enjoying the new life he has and that sparkle of trust and comfort is growing daily.  I plan to fuel his happiness for the rest of his life to see just how big his happiness can grow.  


I am implementing ComfortTouch and BodyWork in Contigo's life and training. My coach is Leah Taylor. He LOVES IT! I'm learning the Masterson Method and using intuition to guide me. After this I worked him right and left on the lunge using Classical Foundation Principles from Art2Ride with co-founder and trainer Karen Loshbaugh. Watch in this video how he's responding to the horse in the round pen racing around in circles.  Pretty cool to stay this relaxed. Before I started comfort touch and body work with him he would have gone through the roof.  Here he only jumps once and the rest of the time he's totally relaxing and releasing.


Above.  I'm using comfort touch and bodywork to help Contigo release and relax.  I'm beginning to study the Masterson Method to move this practice along.  I'm looking for signs of where he values my touch which is when he chews, lowers his head, blinks, blows, softens his gaze, becomes more curious about me, etc. Love this boy.


Above. Contigo is experiencing equine comforttouch bodywork in this video. I add this in all of my sessions with him before, during and or between his active stretch sessions.  For a horse who had become very fractious and still has episodes, this is helping him relax and connect with me. My practice is young and growing. I listen to him to see what contact brings out an expression of value such as soft eyes, chewing, lowering of the pole, deeper breathing, rib cage movement, lowering of a hip, blowing, interest in me and an interest to be playful with me.  Relaxation and a relationship with a deep connection is the key to a successful exercise program and a life-long, happy partnership.